What to look for in a diffuser?

Essential Oil Cold Air Diffusers can vary greatly among the different models in the marketplace today. There are some key features to look for in a diffuser.


Does your diffuser have a timer or maybe different factory set run cycles that you may choose from? Those that do offer you versatility and allow you to control how long the unit operates. This conserves your precious essential oils as well.

Variable Output of AirFlow

Can you control how strong the unit is dispersing the oils? This lets you control how much oils are dispersed and the rate of dispersion of your essential oils.

Auto-Shut Off

Does the unit automatically shut itself off after running a factory set program or after you choosing a timer setting? Peace of mind to that nagging question of "Did I turn it off?" when you have already left the house or office is something we all want.

Square Foot of Diffusion

How big a room space will the diffuser be able to handle? Some diffusers can handle a whole house. What are the units capabilities?

Ease of Cleaning

Is cleaning the unit a chore or do you simply wipe it out with a little rubbing alcohol and are good to go?

Ease of Changing Oils

Variety is what we all want. Is changing oils as simple as changing a bottle? Do you have to turn the unit off to change oils?

Essential Oil Capacity

How much essential oil will the unit hold determines how often you will need to add more. Models vary in this feature from holding a single milliliter to several.

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