TheraPro Premium Nebulizing Diffuser

Therapro Aroma Ace Diffuser

What is the difference between the TheraPro Diffuser sold by Young Living and the Aroma Ace? Maybe the color and the price of the TheraPro that is all.

The Young Living TheraPro essential oil diffuser sells from $173.00-$198.00 US Dollars. You can buy the Aroma Ace for only $140.00 and for another $20.00 you can get 3 more quick change atomizer spouts (giving you a total of 5) to make changing essential oils even easier! This means that the Aroma Ace is a much better deal. If the price point is of no consideration then buy the essential oil diffuser that you like. Read about Young Living Diffuser products. Both units offer the same features see below:

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Key Features:

  • Advanced Interval Timers
  • Variable Output Pressure
  • Disperses oil particles less than 3 microns
  • Quick Change of Oils
  • Large 15 ml Oil Capacity
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Very Simple to Operate

Aroma Ace is the most advanced nebulizer around. The powerful pump allows for greater dispersion of the micro fine essential oil mist which due to the extremely small particle size may be absorbed deeply into the lungs.

This nebulizer uses state of the art technology but is so simple to use. Only takes minutes from box to set up. A professional product for those truly serious about Aromatherapy.