Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the very vital essence of the plant from which they have been obtained. The health benefits of the essential oil is directly dependent on the quality and purity of the essential oil which helps to determine its grade. When you use therapeutic grade essential oil you will be using only small amounts usually measured by drops so do not worry that the bottles are small. The essential oil is very concentrated an will last quite some time when using a quality Aromatherapy diffuser.

Purchase only therapeutic grade oils from reputable suppliers that are known to have strict quality standards. Sometimes to cut costs oils are mixed with synthetic fragrances or stretched by adding other substances which dilutes the essential oil. This greatly reduces the natural health benefits along with reducing the price. Buy only pure plant essences and read labels carefully when making a purchase to make sure to buy therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential oils should be sold and stored in dark amber or blue glass bottles to preserve their therapeutic qualities. When stored properly away from light and heat your essential oil investment will reward you with the maximum Aromatherapy health benefits. We recommend the following reputable essential oil companies:

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