Looking for an easy to use Aromatherapy Diffuser?

An easy to use essential oil diffuser has to have the following qualities to make things truly simple.

The first being not to have to mess around with breakable glass nebulizing attachments. We all suffer from occasional clumsiness and having to clean a glass piece does take a little time.

The second would entail not to have to connect any tubing to a pump but to have a one piece unit that is self contained, compact and attractive.

Third is having preset run times to choose from with a touch of a button and auto shut-off

Lastly a unit that is a snap to change oil and clean would be amazing. Well that unit is now here. Small, powerful, flip a switch to set the run cycle and flow rate and best of all basically little if anything to clean because of the atomizer attachments.

All you do is screw your essential oil bottle onto the plastic nebulizer head (similar to putting a pump top onto a shampoo bottle) and then snap that onto the unit and turn it on. Oh, did I forget to say you have to plug it into an outlet too! How easy and simple is that?

This is the new Aroma Ace essential oil diffuser and it is a real no brainer compared to other models. To clean the atomizer heads you can wash in soapy water or a little rubbing alcohol. It comes with two heads and you can get an additional three pack.

This means you can have one atomizer head for each of your essential oils or blends and easily change them at whim without having to clean anything in between. Just snap off the current oil and switch it out for the new one in under a minute.

There you have it, easy to use, easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to move from one room to the the next. Easy Aromatherapy is now here to stay.

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View closeup photo of Aroma Ace controls.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Interval Timers
  • Variable Output Pressure
  • Disperses less than 3 microns
  • Quick Change of Oils
  • Large 15 ml Oil Capacity
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Very Simple to Operate

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