Choosing a Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers come in many different forms so how do you make a decision about which one to purchase? Well that depends on your needs, budget and personal preference.

To simply give a pleasing scent to the air and uplift your mood, a simple fan diffuser, reed diffuser, or adding a few drops of essential oil to a tissue will do just fine as a homemade essential oil diffuser. Read on to learn what things to consider when choosing a essential oil diffuser.

Size of the Room Area Diffusing

If your desire is to add fragrance to a large space such as an office, store or spa then an atomizing diffuser or nebulizer which disperses the essential oil down to small particles performs better. Nebulizing diffusers also work to conserve oils because they are so very efficient at what they do. The essential oils are able to stay suspended in the air for a long time. There is no need for an Aromatherapy nebulizer to run constantly but rather cycling on for several minutes and then off is all that is needed. This means that these types of diffusers conserve energy and are inexpensive to operate.

Why are You Diffusing? - Your Desired Effect - Reason For Use

Those purchasing a diffuser to treat an ailment or those wanting to obtain the maximum health benefit often opt for nebulizers. The small particle size of their output means maximum absorption of the oil molecules into the body assuring maximum treatment benefits. Though these types are more expensive their efficiency and durability means there is no wasting of your expensive therapeutic grade essential oils. They also don't need replacement pads either like other kinds sometime require.

Keeping all these factors in mind will help you to choose the best essential oil diffuser that is right for both your needs and your budget. Choose any of the Essential Oil Diffusers listed above right with confidence

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